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All work done at El Amore is done by our in-house car detail experts, fully trained in the latest car detail techniques from Europe and America. Used in some of the world’s largest trade expos, by such manufactures as Mustang, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Our car detail experts are specialists! And this is what sets them apart, not only are they specialty trained but have the experience. With full understanding of vehicle detailing, our staff know what product to use and when, so that you get the best result for your car and ensures that no damage will come to it. Rest assured El Amore Car wash and Café work to provided international quality in the local Newcastle area.

At El Amore we understand that every car has a story and personality! We try to tailor make each service to ensure that we provided the best results for you and your car. This is due to at El Amore we want you to love us, as much as we love your car.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to share the love.

El Amore – The Love

We have staff trained and specialising in:

El Amore has all the materials to amke your car look like new inside, fromvacuuming to shampoo and steam machines, we are able t remove that unsightly debris and dirt from your car.
At El Amore - Car Wash we are able to clean your vechicle's extirior to new condition, with basic pacakges for simple cleaning to more thourough services for those looking for the best results.
El Amore offers the best value for our polishing services, offering not only a hand polish but also Clay Bar, and machine as well.
Offering the world renown american product RestorFX (American Manufactured), this product is an industry secret to keeping your car looking like new! With El Amore now offering direct to residential customers.
Do you have a small scrath? an area that no longer looks new? El Amore offers Paint Restoration for your veichle! With complementary paint matching services you won't even be able to tell it was there before!
Every now and then we have a bump, now with El Amore you are able to have those unsightly marks removed and re-painted as well. El Amore prides itself on its ability to fix and restore your vehicle.

Commercial and Corporate Customers

El Amore Car wash and Café, offer commercial and corporate customer services. Whether you are a small local business with only one car, to larger companies with a fleet of 100+ El Amore Car wash and Café is here to help assisting you with the best possible package.

We offer discounted rated for bulk purchases, with flexible payment options. Please feel free to contact our Business Development Manager for more details, with how El Amore can help fulfill you company’s needs.

Car WashEl Amore offers its Car Wash in three different packages, these packages are Exterior, Standard and Prestige Wash.


The Exterior wash is a complete exterior of the car, it is washed first with water to lubricate the car, and then our team applies the required product to your car for the best result. You vehicle is the scrubbed top to bottom by our car experts to remove any dirt of materials, we then rinse the car of the dirt and debris that is removed. To finish it call off the car is chamois by hand and the wheels are dress to look brand new. All exterior glass is cleaned to a streak free result.
Starting from only $25.00


The standard wash contains all that the Exterior wash does, but not only this we also vacuum the interior including the carpets, seats and boot. Dashboard and center console are cleaned. We wash and wipe the door jams to remove any unsightly dirt and the interiors of the windows are treated to a streak-free shine.
Starting from only $40.00


This service includes what is listed in the Exterior and Standard wash, with the inclusion of Deep cleaning of the dashboard using Armall industrial products, we get in a scrub it to like new removing years of in-ground dirt and debris, we use a larger amount of our special dashboard and center console agent but also use a finalizing product. The carpet after being vacuumed are treated with a deodorising agent to remove those bad smells and odors from things such as pets and daily life.
Starting from only $55.00

Engine Bay Wash

The Engine Bay Wash brings your motor back to life, if it’s looking a bit sad under the hood an Engine Bay Wash is just what it needs. With our specialty formulated engine de-greasing agent, we can remove those embedded gunks and stuck on marks that your simply just can’t scrub off.
Starting from only $30.00

At El Amore your car is our love, so we want to ensure that you receive the best result first time, every time. Because of this is you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will try and help.

El Amore – The Love

Premium PolishingOur Premium Polishing service is available with any car wash service provided by us at El Amore, these can be used with our Exterior, Standard, or Prestige wash. The polishes we have on offer come in Standard Hand Polish, Premium Clay Bar Polish, and Platinum Cut and Buff Polish.

Standard Hand Polish

Our experienced expert car details have work hundreds of hours with polishing, taking time and care to polish your vehicle with the best ability using only hand power and specialty commercial industry agents.
Starting from $40.00

Premium Clay Bar Polish

With our Premium Clay Bar Polish, we only use the finest commercial quality clay and product removal lubricator from leading manufactures, to ensure that you get the best result without having to put in all those hours yourself. Our professional car detailing expert team, have been specially trained on how much pressure is required and when the surface is completely devoid of all contaminants.
Starting from $70.00

Platinum Cut and Buff Polish

When looking for that like new restoration with polishing, El Amore’s Platinum Cut and Buff Polish gives the best result. This will remove those unsightly minor scratches, swirls, stubborn paint stains from things such as bird droppings. If you are looking for that show room shine this is the service for you.
Starting from $160.00

At El Amore we understand that your car is precious to you, because of this if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

El Amore – The Love

Detailing and Interior TreatmentAt El Amore we offer the complete service for your car. Not only do we offer services as Washing and Polishing we also offer the latest in interior cleaning technology and product.

Carpet and Upholstery

We steam clean your interior using the latest machinery and product to remove stains marking and unsightly areas. After we have removed these, we then proceed to deodorise and refreshen them to provide a superior smell and gives your car that new vehicle feeling.
Starting from only $40.00

Interior Detail

Our Interior detail come with an inclusive Prestige Wash with a full interior shampoo. Using our latest in industry products and commercial machines we steam clean all the inside to remove any stains or markings, then followed through with a condition agent to help with future markings. The dash, console, and trims are cleaned and treated to give that new look. Any leather within the vehicle is treated and moisuturised to give a luxurious complexion. Finally it is all completed with a throughout deoderisation to remove those unwanted smell in the car, from pets or everyday life.
Starting from only $150.00

At El Amore we understand that your car is precious to you, because of this if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

El Amore – The Love

Complete Detail PackagesEl Amore’s full detail packages are the best way for you to save, and offer you bumper to bumper service. These come in two packages the Full Buff Detail, for those who want everything from end to end; and the Full Detail, which is the same but without the full buff.

Full Detail

The Full Detail, comes with the Prestige Wash, hand Polish, Interior Detail and an Engine De-grease with a clean.
Normally starting from $275.00
Package Price starting from $220.00 (Save $55)

Full Buff Detail

The Full Buff Detail, comes with the same as the Full detail but the polish is upgraded to a Machine Cut and Buff to provide those like new results.
Normally Starting from $330.00
Package Price starting from $295.00 (Save $35)

At El Amore we understand that your car is precious to you, because of this if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

El Amore – The Love

Specialty Treatments

At El Amore, we think what sets us apart is our love of cars. Because of this we go above and beyond that of a normal car wash to give you superior services. Not only do we offer washing and detailing we can help you with many body and restoration needs. These are, but not limited to:

  • Head light Restoration Starting from only $40
  • Trim Restoration (External) Starting from only $99
  • Paint-less Dent Repair (Plastic and Metal) Starting from only $99
  • Touch ups Starting from only $99
We also offer a large range of specialty protection and conditioning treatments to guard and protect your car.

  • Upholstery Protection Starting from only $499
  • Leather Protection Starting from only $499
  • Paint Protection Starting from only $499
Not only does El Amore offer all these, but now we offer to the public and industry secret. This is RestorFX, this product is made exclusively in the U.S.A. Now being offered for the first time in Australia to the general public and not exclusively to show rooms and car expos! RestorFX is a permanent paint restoration system, this unlike polishes that will eventually fade and is only temporary. ReforFX is a special material we apply to the car, this coat of RestorFX is permanent! Utalising years of industry and commercial quality and experience RestorFX, restores your car to the look it came off the production line giving back that quality finish we all desire.
Starting from only $499.00

At El Amore we understand that your car is precious to you, because of this if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

El Amore – The Love

Servici per bambini


El Amore's - Servici per bambini
Now El Amore, not only will clean you car but we now clean prams, strollers and child seats. If your child's pram is looking poor and shabby, El Amore will take it to the top of the class. We can remove stains from every day material, to mold from damp storage El Amore does it all.
Starting from only $25.00