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roundup_auto_wash_bowlFor El Amores first blog post we want to say “Thank You!” Without the support of our loyal customers, we might have not even made it this far, and because of you El Amore will continue to grow.

And to start things off let's look at history, the history of the Car Wash. For something we take granted today, started from simple beinings to a massive industry!

The first big change was in 1946, in the Detroit, United States the first ever semi-automatic car wash, this worked by using a automated pulley system and then manually washing the vehicle with brushes. In 1955, Dan Hanna, with the inspiration of the Detroit Car Washes opened his own, but this one was fully automated and he called it Rub-a-Dub based out of Oregon. By 1957 Hanna had 31 washes across the United States. At this time the Automatic Car Wash Association (ACWA) formed and is recognised worldwide, and became re-named to the International Carwash Association (ICA)

By the 1960’s the first fully mechanised car wash system were being install, will conveyor car wash equipment advancing saw invention of equipment that included recirculating water systems, soft cloth friction washing, roller on demand conveyors and wraparound brushes. By the late 1960’s, car washes were everywhere and a dominant industry worldwide with them being installed in many countries.

The 1970’s saw a downturn for carwash business for the global economy weakening especially in the states where the car wash first began. With a reduction of the sale of cars and petrol at a new high the demand for car washing was fading. But with new innovation and design things such as wheel cleaners and polish ‘n wax the industry stay open.

With the boom of the mid 80’s saw the return of the economy, car sales was at an all time high with the reports of 162 million cars sold in the US alone. Australias economy seeing this growth and a massive increase in demand and with nearly every town had one available. By the end of the 80’s, car washes were available in 56 countries across the world.

With the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Union a global boom happened, new technologies across from the far east came into the western world from China, Russia and Eastern Europe. With Latin America and Southeast also amongst the growth, now holding the world largest car washing factory in the world.

By the millennia car washing has become for many a weekly trip and predominantly on a Saturday, with the demand for better results and quality many are turning to the Hand Carwash due to the more personal result and attention to detail. The ICA advises that there are around 22,000 Car washes worldwide and employing about 500,000 people.

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